This page describes how to install TeamPass on a Windows server.

In order to install TeamPass on a Windows server, you need to first have an Apache server with MySql and PHP. You can either install each of those components one by one, or directly use a full ‘All in One’ package such as Xampp, WampServer, etc.

This guide is based upon WampServer, but is rather the same with any other package.

Install your Apache server

  • Download the last version of WampServer
  • Launch installation (you can follow installation directly from the Help page of the editor)
  • Once installed, start your server and you should see the wampserver icon in green. As shown in next screen capture.

Prepare TeamPass environment

Activate required PHP extensions

  • Do a click on the WampServer icon
  • In the dialogbox, select PHP > PHP extensions and click on the requested ones (example php_mcrypt)

Set MySQL database Administrator

  • Open PhpMyAdmin (click on the WampServer icon and select PhpMyAdmin)
  • In the ‘Create new database’ section, enter your database name (for example teampass) and select UTF8_general_ci as collation.
  • Click on Create button

###Set MySQL database Administrator

We’ll now create a specific Administrator to this database

  • Click on ‘localhost’ in order to get back to home page
  • Select ‘Privileges’ tab
  • Click on ‘Add a new user’ link
  • Enter the login information (I suggest to create a user teampass_admin for better understanding of what is this user)
  • Do not give any rights/privileges at this level of the user creation
  • Click on ‘Go’ button

Now it’s time to set some privileges to this user.

  • From Home page, click on Privileges tab
  • Click on Edit privileges button corresponding to the teampass_admin user
  • Click on Check All link
  • Validate by clicking on button Go

Upload files

  • Download TeamPass package
  • Unzip it in a temporary folder
  • If your installation is a local one, copy the folder TeamPass in folder <wampserver_installation_path>/www. If it is a remote server, use your FTP software to upload the TeamPass folder in html_public folder

Ready to install TeamPass

  • With your favorite web browser, get to http://<your_teampass_url>
  • Follow instruction given by the installation script