This page describes how to manage custom Categories for Items.

Read page custom Categories and Fields for definition.


Categories for Items is an option and needs to be enabled. For this, open Settings page and select tab Customize. Option is called Authorize Items to be completed with more Fields (by Categories).

Notice that you can create Categories and Fields even if the option is not enabled. The option only impacts the display or not of those categories while using Items.


The GUI is made of 2 zones.

The first one shows a Tree made of the Categories and the related Fields.

The second one is dedicated for Categories management (with specific actions).


Managing Categories

The Categories are managed through the bottom box.


Adding new Category

Enter the label of Category and click Add Category button. This new Category will be added in the Tree in alphabetic order.

Renaming and Deleting

Those 2 actions are performed the same way. Do:

  • select the Category (its name should be added in the text box),
  • modify the label (in case of a renaming action),
  • click the button corresponding to your action

 Notice that when deleting a Category, all attached Fields are deleted, as all the values in the Database related the Items.


You can decide to move the Fields from one Category to another. Do:

  • select the Category (its name should be added in the text box),
  • select the Category target (with the drop list),
  • click the button.

Organizing the Categories

You can decide to organize the Categories in a custom order. For this, use the small text box in front of the label and enter a number. The Categories will be sorted by number as primary criteria and by alphabetic as second criteria.


Associating a Folder to a Category

You need to relate a Category to Folders. for this,

  • use the Tree
  • click the icon “Associated folders”
  • select the Folders you want (multiple selection is possible)
  • click OK button to confirm

The Folders are now associated to the select Category.


Managing Fields

The Fields are managed through the bottom box.

The exact same feature described above are valid for Fields. The unique difference concerns the Field creation.

Adding new Field

Adding a new field in a Category is performed as this:

  • use the Tree,
  • spot the Category you want to improve,
  • click the icon +,
  • enter the label of the field,
  • confirm with the button