This page describes how to import Items into Teampass


It is possible to import Items inside Teampass using exchange files. This could permit you to move your existing items to Teampass.

Teampass propose 2 possible importation formats. One is based upon CSV and the other is specific Keepass XML.

Exchange formats

CSV solution

CSV format is the simple one to put in place and the most adaptable depending on your current passwords management.

You need to ensure that the list of your Items to be imported are organized following schematic: Account,Login Name,Password,Web Site,Comments

It is mandatory to use the character double-quotes ( " ) as text encapsulation.

If a text contains a double-quotes then it is mandatory to double it.


"Label","Login","Password","Web Site","Comments"
"Generic Bank #1","jdoe","superS3cret","","Checking accounts, etc"
"Generic Bank #2","jdoe","S3cret with spaces","","Checking accounts, etc"
"Retailer Chain #1",,"""Secretstartingwithquotes","",
"Retailer Chain #2",,"'Secretstartingwithsinglequote","",
"Retailer Chain #3",,"'Twosinglequotes'","",
"Health Care #1","jdoe","S3cretwithsinglequote'init","","Health care stuff"
"Health Care #2","jdoe","S3cretwithcomma,init","","Health care stuff"
"Health Care #3","jdoe","S3cretwithdoublequote""init","","Health care stuff"

If you create your file through Excel, you should have something similar to the next table.

Account Login Name Password Web Site Comments
Yahoo Alice mypass my emails
Gmail Bob pwd

Keepass XML solution

This solution is dedicated for people previously using Keepass as Passwords Manager. It uses the Export feature of Keepass, that generates a specific XML file which contains the attributes that will be imported into Teampass.

To get the file:

  • open Keepass
  • Select File > Export
  • Select XML format and enter the file name
  • The file is now available in the folder you selected



Importing feature is disabled by default. That means that an Administrator needs to enable the feature through Settings page to allow users to import Items inside Teampass.

How to?

Importing Items is performed from the Items page.

Do the following,

  • select the folder where you want the Items to be imported,
  • from top-left menu icon, click Import items.

Select CSV format


Click on Browse CSV file to select the file and follow instructions.

Select XML format


Click on Browse XML file and import entries to select the file and follow instructions.