Files can be attached to an Item.


The Item definition includes the possibility to add attachments. Teampass distinguishes 4 categories of attachments: Documents, Images, Packages and Other.

This feature relies on the web browser ability to handle Gear, HTML5, Flash, Silverlight or BrowserPlus. In case, none of those run-times is available then the feature is disabled.

Run-time used is indicated in Home page.

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This feature cannot be disabled. An Administrator can customize the feature through Settings page in Upload tab.

Maximum file size

A maximum file size can be defined if you want to limit the size of attached files.

Be sure to define a value smaller or equal to the value defined in the server. Please refer to upload_max_filesize constant in php.ini file.

File extensions

For each category of attachment, the allowed file extensions can be customized.

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Image resize

In case of the attachment is an image, you can ask Teampass to resize it if its size exceeds the values you have defined.

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Resize is performed upon the 3 next criteria:

  • A maximum Width value
  • A maximum Height value
  • A maximum Quality value

Attachment encryption

The files can be encrypted in the server. Refer to Attachments encryption page


How to attach a file to an Item?

Attaching one or several files to an Item is performed through the Item edition/creation dialog-box.

  • Open Item dialog-box
  • Select Files & Images tab
  • Click on Select button
  • Select your files
  • Click on Start uploading files button
  • Check the list of uploaded files
  • Close the dialog-box by Saving

Saving is mandatory to confirm the upload of the files.

  • Uploading files

How to delete an attachment?

  • Open Item dialog-box
  • Select Files & Images tab
  • In the attachments list, click the delete icon in front of the file to delete
  • Close the dialog-box by Saving

Saving is mandatory to confirm the deletion.

  • Deleting a file
  • Deleting a file

How to download an attachment?

When browsing an Item, you can click on one of the attachment to start the download of the file.

  • Downloading