This page describes how to use 2-Factors authentication from Google.

Teampass comes with 2-factors authentication using Google Authenticator (to know more). It relies on the usage of a portable device the user will use to get his temporary code. This will grant a more secured authentication of your instance of Teampass.

Administrator point of view

How to enable?

In order to be activated on your instance of Tempass, you need to activate it through Administration Settings page.

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Activate for users

For security reasons, the administrators or managers have to send the flash code to the users. This is performed through the Users management page.

Click the 2-factors authentication icon to generate and send an email to the user including the link to the flash code.

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User point of view

Install Google Authenticator

The first step for the user is to install on a portable device the application “Google Authenticator” (Apple - Android).

Add the Teampass key

The user receives an email which includes a link to the flash code. THis flash code has to be flashed in order the user to know the one time password.

Get authenticated under Teampass

Getting authenticated under Teampass requires now to enter the login, personal password and OTP. Follow next steps:

  • Through Google Authenticator application, the user get his OTP.

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  • Get to Teampass home page

  • Enter your credentials

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You are now authenticated