This page describes how to install TeamPass on a Linux server.

Apache server

If you already have an Apache server installed with PHP and MySQL, then you can jump to next chapter. Otherwise, it is recommended to install XAMPP for Linux. Please follow installation of XAMPP on

Prepare Database

  • Open PhpMyAdmin
  • Select tab called Databases
  • In the Create new database section, enter your database name (for example teampass) and select UTF8_general_ci as collation.
  • Click on Create button

Get TeamPass

  • Once your Apache server is running, download TeamPass.
  • Unzip the file into your localhost folder (by default it is /opt/lampp/htdocs) using command unzip -d /opt/lampp/htdocs

Set MySQL database Administrator

We will now create a specific Administrator to this database

  • Click on localhost in order to get back to home page
  • Select Privileges tab
  • Click on Add a new user link
  • Enter the login information (I suggest to create a user teampass_admin for better understanding of what is this user)
  • Do not give any rights/privileges at this level of the user creation
  • Click on Go button

Now it’s time to set some privileges to this user.

  • From Home page, click on Privileges tab
  • Click on Edit privileges button corresponding to the teampass_admin user
  • Click on Check All link
  • Validate by clicking on button Go

Set CHMOD on folders

  • Open your terminal
  • Point to htdocs folder
cd /opt/lampp/htdcos)
  • Enter command
chmod -R 777 teampass

Install TeamPass

Using your Browser, go to http://localhost/teampass or your specific domain, and follow the several steps (here bellow the 3 first steps)

  • Example image
  • Example image
  • Example image

Once installation is finished, you can use TeamPass on your Linux server.