When you open an issue in Github, it could be good that you join the error generated on your server. If you don't know how to perform that, here is some tips you could follow.

Use Firebug

Firebug is an extension for at least web browsers Chrome and Firefox. You can securely use it and only activate it when you want to report issues you have discovered using Teampass.

Get Firebug!

Once installed, you will get a small bug in the menu bar of the browser. Firebug enabled

Activate options

At the very begining, you should check that next options are activated in Firebug.

  • Console should be activated
  • Script should be activated

How to get the error message

When you are facing an issue using Teampass, you should:

  • Enable Firebug
  • It should normally open the Firebug dialogbox (by default in the low part of your browser)
  • Relaunch the action that causes the issue
  • Open tab Console
  • Identify the POST that has failed (it should in RED)
  • Expand using the symbol ` + `
  • Select tab Response
  • Make Copy response body using right-click mouse
  • Paste this in the github message
  • Make Copy location with parameters using right-click mouse
  • Paste this in the github message

Don’t forget to disable Firebug after this ;-)