This page describes how to start using Teampass.


You need first need to install Teampass on your server.

Creating Folders

The first step is to create Folders in which the Items will be added. Those folders have to be organized in a logical way for your need.

Refer to page Managing Folders.

Creating Roles

The second step consists in 2 activities:

  • creating Roles in which your Users will be added
  • set the access rights of Roles versus Folders

Refer to page Managing Folders.

Creating Users

The third step consists in creating Users that will use Teampass.

You need to think about a global strategy relating the Folders, Roles and Users level.

Refer to page Managing Users.


Remember that an Administrator has no access to Items.

In order to test your set-up, it is recommended to create a dummy account user which you will use to test your Teampass configuration.

In some case, you could need to make the Administrators becoming normal users. Refer to page Change Administrators usage.