This page describes how to create, edit, delete and manage Users.

Access to Users Management page

Access to the Users Management page.

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Creating a new User

Click the icon Add a User

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And fill in the form

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About the form:

  • Name, Last name and Login need to be filled in.
  • The Password is the one the User will need to use to get connected to Teampass.
  • Email is used to some specific feature of Teampass.
  • User is administrated by setting is important. By default, Administrators will manage the Users, but you can also decide that this management could be delegated to the Manager of a Role. In this case, select the Role manager.
  • Next 3 settings Is admin, Is Manager and Is read only are related the permission of the User inside Teampass.
  • If Personal folder is ticked, then the Personal Folder for this User will be created.
  • If Create folder and role for *** is ticked, then you can imagine what will happen.

The new Role is now added to the list.

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Edit a User

Editing a User is done by clicking the text. An edition field will be displayed. Validate the change by clicking the disk icon.

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To edit settings Managed by, Roles, Allowed Folders or Forbidden Folders, you need to use the button.

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Allowed and Forbidden Folders

Each user is associated to Roles. So it means, he/she can access to the Folders defined through the Role.

Nevertheless you can decide to allow this User to access other Folders than the one allowed by the Role. For this, you need to use setting Allowed Folders.

You can also decide to restrict the access to some Folders using the setting Forbidden Folders.

This should be very rare and for specific case. If it is regularly used, you should think about arranging your Roles.

Lock and Delete a User

For some reason, you could need to lock a User. This will prevent the User to get connected to Teampass.

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You can only delete a User that has been previously locked.

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To unlock a locked User, see next screen-capture

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Change the User level

You can change the User level by using the check-boxes.

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The Users Levels are:

  • Is Admin: tick (1) to change the User to Administrator
  • Is Manager: tick (2) to change the User to Manager
  • Is Read Only: tick (3) to change the User to become Read Only

Special actions

For each User, you can:

  • Allow to create folders on Root level
  • Change the Password
  • Change the Email
  • See the Log