What is in 2.1.23 version


Git Tag Release 2.1.23

Main Changes

Release 2.1.23 introduces an interface major change, some technical improvements and bug fixes.

Interface changes

The home page has now disappeared from Teampass. The user is directly redirected to the Items page. This feature was something asked by a lot of users, and it goes in the direction Teampass will tend to in the future 2.2 version.

  • Items page

In the top menu, 2 new menus have been added, one for the last viewed items and the other one for actions related the user session.

One menu button has been added for the 3 main areas of the Items page.

Folders area

The menu button gives access to actions on folders (creation, edition and deletion), and to specific actions such as importing, exporting, and off-line mode. Those last 3 actions depend on administration activation.

Current folder area

The menu button gives access to actions on Items (creation, edition, copying and deletion).

Current item area

The menu button gives access to actions on selected Item.

Read only folders

The read-only folder are identified with the eye icon in front of the Folder name.

New password library introduction

A new library for password generation and encryption PasswordLib is now part of the Teampass package. For this release, only the password generator is used but its encryption classes will be introduced in next Teampass release.

New database encryption library

Most interessant feature is the introduction of PHPCrypt library which is now used in order to handle $ The complete related documentation is available in the author’s webpage. This permits to get rid of keys table. Notice that it will not be deleted when updating to 2.1.23 but it is not used any more. It will in a future release.


Complete changelog available at Git Tag Release 2.1.23.

What’s next?

The focus will be given on passwords encryption optimization. This to improve security and speed.