Release 2.1.24

Release 2.1.24 embeds a lot of new features, fixes and small GUI improvements.

Notice that this release requires your attention before rolling it out on your production server.

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New features


DuoSecurity permits you to securize the user access to Teampass by adding a 2-Factor authentication. It is highly recommended to use it for maximum security purposes.

As an Administrator, select the Settings page and the 2Factors tab. For complete usage, please refer to DUOSecurity usage page.

2 new access rights

In Roles management, it is now possible to have a better access right granularity on Folders. Indeed WRITE access right includes 2 new sub rights which are:

  • CANNOT DELETE ITEMS permits to allow a user to Write new Items but without the Deletion right,
  • CANNOT EDIT ITEMS permits to allow a user to Write new Items but without the Edition right.

Tree folders is dynamically loaded

In Items page, the Tree Folders is loaded dynamically which permits to perform actions on Folders without the need to reload the Items page.


Items drag and drop

In previous releases, the item drag and drop was lacking precision in the “drop phase”. This is now corrected and more visual.

On going actions are visible

In Items page, the “on-going” actions are written in the path bar. This permits the user to know why he has to wait.

Searching by Tag

When a Tag is available for an Item, you can now click the Tag icon (in Item description dialog) to perform a search on this Tag.

The result will be the list of all Items using this Tag.

New Suggestion notification

When a Suggestion is submitted,

  • Teampass will send an email to Administrators and Managers,
  • the Suggestions button in the menu bar is blinking to indicate Administrators and Managers that at least one Suggestion is waiting for a decision.

Folders Management page redesigned

The Folders Management page has been redesigned to permit a better way to manage and change the Folders.

It is also totally dynamical and does not request the page to be reloaded when actions are performed.

Users Management page redesigned

The Users Management page has been redesigned to permit a better way to manage and change the Users accounts.

A Alphabetic search has been adding allowing to display the list of users starting with the selected letter.

2 new events are logged

In the Items Logs table, it is now possible to track WHO and WHEN an Item password has been shown and copied in clipboard.

Personal Saltkey menu changed

For better usage, the PERSONAL SALTKEY (PSK) actions have been reorganized.

  • SET PERSONAL SALTKEY remains in the top right menu.
  • CHANGE PERSONAL SALTKEY is now available in the MY PROFILE dialogbox. As a reminder, it permits the User to define a new PSK. Notice that the old PSK is required for such operation.
  • RESET PERSONAL SALTKEY is also available in the MY PROFILE dialogbox. As a reminder, it permits to clean the complete set of Personal Items in case the PSK is lost.

GUI small improvements

In many case, small improvements have been done in order to improve the general GUI of Teampass. This improvement will be continued during next releases.

Create new User by API

A NEW USER can now be created by using the API. This new user can be related to specific Roles.

Notice that several bug fixes on API have been performed and more detailed error messages are now available.

New Language Vietnamese

Welcome a new Translator for Vietnamese.

Major Fixes

Restore and Purge

Deleted Items can now be RESTORED or PURGED without any side effect.

Personal Saltkey management

This topic is quite sensitive. Indeed a lot of small logic errors were located in the source code of Teampass. It has been cleaned up and improved to become more robust.

But those changes have a real impact on existing Personal Items. See topic in next chapter for more details.

Install / Upgrade processes

Several bugs have been fixed.

KeePass importation

The passwords are now correctly encrypted when importing Keepass file.

Important Changes

Please consider this chapter before upgrading your Teampass instance to this release.

Personal Saltkey evolution

Related to bugs existing in the way to manage the PSK, some code changes have an impact on existing Personal Items.

The main impact is that PSK cannot contain anymore symbol characters and is limited to numbers, letters and hyphens.

So before updating, it is mandatory to inform your users that they need to change their PSK in case this one contains a symbol character (especially single quote and double quotes character).

If not done, there is no guarantee that their Personal Items passwords will be readable after migration.

Github tickets

The complete list of changes tracked in Github are available in file.