Alpeinsoft has developped an application for accessing your Teampass instances through your mobiles. This page gives you complete information about this application.


PassSecurium is the name of application available for both Android and iOS that permits you accessing your Teampass instance on your mobile.


PassSecurium is avaialable in 2 versions:

  • Lite / Community Edition (free)
  • StandAlone Edition

The next matrix gives the main features for those 2 versions.

Features Matrix


Alpeinsoft permits you to test their application.

You can access the Demo Alpeinsoft Teampass instance and test it with the application.

Documentation & API

Complete documentation is available in next pages.


Github page for API


For Android

Lite Edition

StadAlone Edition

For iOS

Lite Edition

StandAlone Edition


I don’t have any relation with Alpeinsoft company. They are just the first company to have proposed a great application that permits to access a Teampass instance.

Of course I would have prefered a full open-source solution but I don’t have the time to develop it.