Teampass Connect is an add-on working with Firefox web-browser.


Its goal is to grab the Items existing in your Teampass instance related to the webpage opened in your web-browser, and to permit to fill-in the login/password fields inside those web pages.


Download last release (0.03)


The main features of Teampass Connect are:

  • Get the couple login/password related to the open web-page
  • Fill-in the login/password fields in the web-page
  • Automatically submit the page
  • Secure access to Teampass Server through the API key
  • Usage of local storage to give fast results

How does it work?

Teampass Connect is sending the web page URL to your Teampass Server which performs a query to list the Items that fits the URL field with the one sent.

This Items list is then displayed and you can decide to fill-in the login/password fields with correct credentials.


  • For security purpose, it is mandatory to use an HTTPS with certified SSL to encrypt the exchanges between the web-browser and Teampass Server. Indeed user password is not encrypted overwise. This might not be necessary if you are using Teampass inside your own network (in a company scope for example).
  • It requires API enabled in Teampass Server
  • Users need an API key to get allowed to connect to Teampass Server database


Teampass Connect for Firefox is available at Firefox Add-ons Center.

Teampass Connect requires a specific key to be fully operational. You can request a 7-days evaluation one by contacting me by mail nils at


Teampass Connect is not free of use. Price is not yet defined.

Teampass Connect has just being proposed on Mozilla Add-ons Center and is yet not validated or signed. If you want to use it, you will need to change a variable in Firefox.

  • open a tab and write about:config
  • search for variable xpinstall.signatures.requiredand change it to false
  • install now the add-on


  • Migrate to Chrome
  • Synchronize login and/or password changes to Teampass Server
  • … and much more