This page describes what are the possible settings for Attachments and Images.


In Teampass, it is possible to attach files to each Item. But an Administrator can setup the scope of allowed attachments.

This can be from Settings page, Uploads tab.

File attachments

As many files can be attached to an Item. But each file needs to respect the next settings.


File Size

If the file is more than the indicated size, it will be accepted. The size is expressed in Mo.

 Ensure a consistent value with your server. Don’t expect Teampass to allow a 25Mo file size if your server only accepts 2Mo files.

File extensions

Teampass requires named extensions, no wildcards * is allowed. Extensions are divied in 4 categories:

  • Documents
  • Images
  • Packages
  • Others

The separator symbol is the comma ,.


Teampass comes with the possibility to store reduced images.


Once enabled, when an Image will be attached to an Item, it will be reduced using width, height and quality settings as defined.

This permits to ensure consistency in the attached images.