TeamPass is a Passwords Manager dedicated for managing passwords in a collaborative way on any server Apache, MySQL and PHP. It is especially designed to provide passwords access security for allowed people. This makes TeamPass really useful in a Business/Enterprise environment and will provide to IT or Team Manager a powerful and easy tool for customizing passwords access depending on the user’s role.

Communication flows

For Questions and Feature Requests, please use UserEcho.
Reporting Bugs must be done in Github.


release 2.1.23

What is in 2.1.23 version Download Git Tag Release 2.1.23 Main Changes Release 2.1.23 introduces an interface major change, some technical improvements and bug fixes. Interface changes The home page has now disappeared from Teampass. The user is directly redirected to... [Read More]

2.1.22 is released

Version 2.1.22 is released! Download Git Tag Release 2.1.22 Main Changes Release 2.1.22 is mainly a bug fix release. Nevertheless, it introduces one major evolution. Folders right access Now for each group of users and each folder, it is possible to... [Read More]

2.1.21 is released

Version 2.1.21 is released! Download Git Tag Release 2.1.21 Changes Main change A new wrapper for database has been implement in order to implement MySQLi. MeekroDB has been implemented to guarantee ease of use and security. Bugs correction Refer... [Read More]

Teampass upgrade

This page describes how to upgrade TeamPass to a newest release. Introduction It is recommended to update your Teampass instance to be the closest the latest released version. Upgrade protocol The next described protocol is a recommended one. Start by creating a dump of your database Rename... [Read More]

2.1.20 is released

Version 2.1.20 is released! Download Git Tag Release 2.1.20 Main changes Security 2.1.20 embeds a lot of security improvements in order to close several SQL injection vectors, file inclusion protection bypass, XSS vectors, … based upon an audit... [Read More]