Provided Features

TeamPass has a long list of features and options permitting to adapt its usage to your needs. This list is an extract of the most valuable ones.


Team and Resource organization

  • Unique User access
  • Pre-defined Roles (Admin, Super-Manager, Manager, User, Read-Only) [Read mode]
  • Define your own User-Goups (for example: IT, Project Managers, ...) [Read mode]
  • Define access rights on Folders using User-Goups
  • Define own access rights by User (allow/forbid other Folders)


Secured access

  • Each user has his own account with login and password
  • 2-step authentication with Google Authenticator can be set
  • 2-step authentication with DUO Security
  • 2-step authentication with AGSES
  • LDAP connector


Access to Items through privileges

  • User can access to Folders only if allowed
  • Access to Folders and Items relies on definition of rights for each User
  • Access to folders and Items can be defined for each User-Goup
  • Access rights from User-to-User (for each Item)
  • Share Item to "external Users" through One-Time-View link


Advanced Item definition

  • Item is defined with several fields (Label, Description, Url, Login, Password, ...)
  • Item is associated to a Folder and to Tags
  • Attach files to Item
  • Define Custom Fields to be filled in when defining an Item
  • Custom Fields are related to folders


Personal folders

  • Each user may have a personal folder
  • Personal items are encrypted with personal saltkey


Miscellaneous features

  • Export the Items in PDF file
  • Import from Keepass XML and CSV file
  • Tags system permitting to search among Items by Tag
  • Suggestion System allows Users to suggest new Items
  • Change Proposal system allows Users to make suggestion of change on existing Items
  • Knowledge Base permits to add complex definition to existing Items



  • All built-in requests between Client and Server are encrypted
  • All passwords are encrypted in database relying on AES-256 algorithm
  • All Custom Fields are encrypted in database (Define by Custom Fields if encrypted or not)
  • Attached files can be encrypted (optional)


Off line mode

  • Export the passwords in an off line mode
  • Permits to access Items when not connected to internet