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About Teampass

TeamPass is a Passwords Manager dedicated for managing passwords in a collaborative way by sharing them among team members.
Teampass offers a large set of features permitting to manage your passwords and related data in an organized way in respect to the access rights defined for each users.
Teampass is an Open-Source free to use product distributed in respect with OpenSource GNU GPL-3.0.

Teampass is developed and maintenained all along the time. This project is not a one shot project. It is a long term project that will continue to evolve and grow up.

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Teampass is highly customizable to fit your specific needs and constraints.


Teampass secures your data and your users at several levels with encryption. It relies on Defuse PHP Encryption library which provides a very secure Cryptographic protocol [Read mode]


Teampass provides a lot of options and features permitting to customize it to your needs. Decide how you want to setup your instance of Teampass to acheive your goals in term of Team sharing.

Fine Tuning

Teampass allows you to fine tune the users access rights to the existing Items. Depending on your local policies, Teampass helps to ensure that only allowed people has access to expected data.


Teampass is a web application. The next screenshots show some of the main common pages your users could found while using Teampass.

  • All
  • Items
  • Administration
Portfolio Item Image

Home Page


Portfolio Item Image

Item Details


Portfolio Item Image

Editing an Item


Portfolio Item Image

Searching Items


Portfolio Item Image

Audit Trail of Item


Portfolio Item Image

User Profile


Portfolio Item Image

Manage Users


Portfolio Item Image

Settings Page


Portfolio Item Image

Folders VS Roles


Parallax Features

Core Features

Teampass has a lot of features to adapt its usage to most of the cases. Nevertheless Teampass relies on Core Features that could be resumed below.

Secured Access

Access relies on user credentials completed with 2FA libraries such as DUOSecurity, Google Authencation, AGSES, ...

Roles definition

Define Roles with pre-defined access rights for easy and fast user creation.

User Privileges

User access rights can be fine tuning on Folders and Items.

Tree Structure

Organize Folders in a Tree view and define their access level (Write/Read/No) against Roles.

Phone Image

Data Encryption

All passwords are encrypted in database relying on AES-256 algorithm.

Item definition

Each Item is defined with a set of Fields and Attachments. Custom fields can be added too.

Offline Mode

Export your Items in an encrypted file to be used in a location without connection.

Personal Folders

Your users can have Personal Folders and Items secured with their own saltkey.

Complete List of Features

Commercial Support

We also provide some Commercial Support that may interest you. We can develop specific features on-demand as we did for some companies, or provide you a priority Support on your tickets.

On Demand

Special Feature

New Request

For your specific needs, we can develop new features based upon your requirements. We define together the goals.

Be our Sponsor

You can sponsorize such development. They are treated in highest priority.

Premium Support

Fast Answer

Defects & Messages

We offer a higher priority for Defect correction and Message answers to our Sponsors.


In exchange of +100$, we will offer you the assurance to treat your tickets and messages in highest priority.


Become a Sponsor


Your support encourages and motivates me to continue building and maintaining open source software.


Directly from Github using the button below.

Complete Documentation is available.


Users words - Contact me to share your own experience regarding Teampass's usage in your environment.

Communication Flows

Depending on the topic, we suggest you to use the next flows.


Facing Bugs


In case you are facing a bug during Teampass usage, Report it.


Critical and Security defects are treated with highest priority. The delay relies on your hability to provide detailed information.


Your Suggestions


Teampass grows up with your ideas and Request.


Github Discussions offers you the possibility to propose new features and suggestions. Propose for the ones you would like to see developed.


How to Use


Full documentation for Teampass installation and usage is available. It is updated based on evolution and improvements.


A chapter is dedicated to Teampass API in which all features are described.


For getting Help

Need Help?

You are stucked in the usage of Teampass? You need advices on how to setup Teampass? Don't hesitate to post your questions.

Return of Experience

Share your return of experience with other users. Discussions are open to your comments.

Who I am

Teampass has been entirely developed by Nils Laumaillé based upon his original idea. [More about me](

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Nils Laumaillé

Creator, Developer & Support

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