TeamPass is a Passwords Manager dedicated for managing passwords in a collaborative way on any server Apache, MySQL and PHP. It is especially designed to provide passwords access security for allowed people. This makes TeamPass really useful in a Business/Enterprise environment and will provide to IT or Team Manager a powerful and easy tool for customizing passwords access depending on the user’s role.

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release 2.1.27

Release 2.1.27 introduces a couple of fixes and some new features. Get last release New Teampass documentation pages Teampass documentation is under rework for this new release. ReadTheDocs for Teampass DEFUSE encryption library This version introduces the usage of Defuse library instead of PhpCrypt for encryption... [Read More]

Automatic password change on remote server

This new feature permits to change the password of a remote server (only Linux) using an SSH connection. It is enabled through the Settings page. Principles It works as described below. Based upon field url starting with prefix ssh://, the script knows what server to connect... [Read More]

Attachments and Images

This page describes what are the possible settings for Attachments and Images. Principles In Teampass, it is possible to attach files to each Item. But an Administrator can setup the scope of allowed attachments. This can be from Settings page, Uploads tab. File attachments As many... [Read More]

User's password complexity

Teampass expects Users to use a login password defined with a minimum level of complexity. Definition When a User gets logged for the first time, Teampass requires that he defines a new password that fits a minimum level of complexity. This level of complexity is defined in the Group... [Read More]

release 2.1.26

Release 2.1.26 introduces a couple of fixes and some new features. Get last release Main Changes Security An arbitrary file download web vulnerability has been discovered and was patched by denying access to the downloadFile.php without authentication. Fixes related the implementation of OWASP CSRF Protector... [Read More]